La Revanche des Lapins
(The Revenge of the Rabbits)
    Author: Suzy Lee
Format: 22.5x20.7 Hardback (pp32)
ISBN: 2-88258-248-x
Publisher: Editions La Joie de Lire [Minidrame] (Geneve, Switzerland)
Publication date: December 2003

Rabbits wreak jolly revenge upon a reckless ice-cream truck driver one mystical night.
It is up to readers, who fill up this wordless story, whether these rabbits wanted to pay back the driver or simply to hunt for some ice cream.

Illustrations for this book were selected by ‘Illustrators Exhibition (Fiction)’ in Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2002.

La Revanche des Lapins is awarded 'The Most Beautiful Swiss Books' by Swiss Federal Office of Culture in 2003.