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Lapins Project 1 [English]

I have received a delightful mail from Monique Enaud, the teacher of a primary school in France:

Dear Suzy Lee

The children and myself were very happy to have an answer from you.

Each year with Saintes, some schools take part in the days of sciences and space. Each one creates a realization and exposes it to the public.

"When the literature and sciences meet on the topic of the shades and the light": It was the subject of the sciences project that we exposed during these days, from the 5 to May 9, 2004. We chose your book "The Revenge of Rabbits". We liked this book and it was very interesting to exploit for our project.

Since it did not have a text, we invented one, that which you received. As the children like poetry, we made rhymes. We drew and painted the truck, the road and the thickets, and the rabbits in there. We made the moon assembled on a lever. We thought of the headlights. Then we thought how to make rabbits move... ...

"Our realization functions with electricity. The moon that is behind can move and ignite. For that, we put a switch and when it is closed, the light ignites and it is similar to the headlights of the truck. There are jumping rabbits that have under them a small board with a spring and it makes them jump. The rabbits are assembled on a board. With each end, a string makes it possible to draw the board on a side or other, and the rabbits cross the road. The rabbit is raised on the windshield thanks to a lever. We cut the pieces of wood with a power saw, screwed and stuck. All the decoration is painted: the ice cream truck, the road, thickets, and the rabbits...
"from Laura Pélissier "

Your book is very beautiful. Why didn't you write a text? Did you make other books without text? "from Manon Dupeux "

Hello Suzy Lee, Your book is very funny. That really impressed me, and you make very beautiful illustrations. I imagined many things by looking at your book. I would like to meet you. Can you send a drawing with a rabbit above to me? My address is: Jessica Bowman, 25 lotissement des Barbotines 2, 17810 Saint Georges des Coteaux
Many kisses,
"from Jessica "

Dear Suzy Lee I would like to know why you had the idea of rabbits. Why not horses?
"From Lea Povreau”

... Here some reflexions of children of the class. They are very sensitive to the fact that you are interested in our project. For my part, I wish to give them, by this chance, the taste of the books and the pleasure of imagination. Thank you. Our school year finishes on June 29. I hope to read again you very soon.

Monique Enaud

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