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Talks and exhibitions at Bologna Book Fair 2012 and MAMBO

Suzy Lee is invited to Bolgna, Italy in occasion of the publication of her new book “LA TRILOGIA DEL LIMITE” (The Italina edition of “THE BORDER TRILOGY”).

Suzy Lee is going to have some events at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2012 and Mambo (Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna). Below is the schedule:





Sunday March 18th

18:00 “The Border Trilogy” EXHIBITION OPENING at MAMBO (Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna)



MONDAY  March 19th

15:00  ILLUSTRATOR CAFE' at the Fair - Illustrators Café – Service Centre

Eyes wide open. Reading Picture Book - Presentation of the exhibition and project

Participants: Kitty Crowther, Suzy Lee, Antonio Marinoni, Fabian Negrin

Moderators: Giulia Mirandola and Ilaria Tontardini, Hamelin Associazione Culturale


(This is another exhibition Suzy Lee participates. 5 artists show the thoughts on picture books.)


17:30  MAMBO : workshops with children.


19:00 Book signing at the bookshop at the Mambo



TUESDAY March 20th

14:30 Authors Café - Connecting Lobby - Hall 29/30

Suzy Lee. The Border Trilogy

Veronica Ceruti, Educational Department, MAMbo-Museum of Modern Art Bologna interviews Suzy Lee, illustrator and author 


19:30  Eyes wide open. Reading Picture Book” Exhibition opening at Biblioteca Sala Borsa


WEDNESDAY March 21st

15:30  The Border Trilogy Conference at the Mambo with Art Academy's student and general public.                                                     


19:00  Book signing at the Giannino Stoppani's bookstore







Bologna events photos

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