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10 WAVEs

'Wave' (Chronicle Books, U.S.A.) is available in 9 more countries:

Corraini, Italy

Barbara Fiore Editora, Spain

Cosac Naify, Brazil

GATAfunho, Portugal

Editions Kaleidoscope, France

Baumhaus Verlag, Germany

BIR, Korea

Wydawnictwo "mam" s.c., Poland

Kodansha, Japan

 Changbi review - 창비어린이 평론 (Korean)  
 O Estado de S. Paulo on SOMBRA  
 Lecture at Japan Women's University  
 The New York Times Review: SHADOW  
 SHADOW reviews  
 "The Black Bird" Polish edition  
 8 SHADOWs  
 Invited Artist- Salão do Livro, Brazil  
 Award- Prêmio FNLIJ 2010  
 Invited author for 2 Literature Festivals  
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