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Children for Children 2011

"Children for Children 2011"

8 October 2011 Saturday 9:30am-3:00pm
Sunset Way Playground.

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All proceeds will go to SANCTUARY HOUSE for the abndoned children.


This year, we would dearly love to give back to society and share with the abandoned children of Sanctuary House.

The idea for the fete really stemmed from the teachers feeling that our role is more than just passing on the academics to our charges; we wanted to pass on higher ideals of compassion as well.

We started this charity event two years ago when we came across a video we found touching which we showed the children. It was the children’s reaction of awareness that threw us into action. The video is uploaded onto our Facebook entitled “Chicken a la Carte” by Ferdinand Dimadura, or you can go directly to this website: Please do show it to your children to remind them. We started showing the children the video recently because there were a few who were throwing food away in the rubbish bins.

Hence the name for the fête “Children for Children”. Our children are capable of so much. We strive to raise them to reach attainable goals in their daily lives by setting our bar high. We want to do the same with regards to their EQ.

We also realise that for our ideas to continue to fruition, we require the involvement of parents. You are their first port of call. It is with your help that they will continue to be thoughtful, compassionate and wise people. Your involvement comprises of helping your child decide what to have at their stall, helping create the product, and being helpers for each stall. You are also most welcome to ask friends with children to get involved with a stall. Please ask them to contact Rose in the office at 64692123 or forward this letter to them.

The fête will be held on the 8th of October at the Sunset Way Playground.

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