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Reviews for 'The Zoo' in U.S.A.

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"This book actually blew me away! This is the most integrated example of a story which is told more through the illustrations than in the actual text...It is hard to describe what this story is like and to do it justice. This book provides a lot to look at and much to talk about in the illustrations." - The Thinking Mother

"The Zoo by Suzy Lee is short on story but long on the magic of being a kid at the zoo. The immediate attraction to The Zoo is Lee's artwork. Pastels and colored pencils give texture and depth, a wonderful break from the flat images of many other children's books." - Curled Up Kids

"If this doesn't make you chuckle knowingly, you don't have kids." - Book Buds Kidlit Reviews

"Lee’s pictures, both color and grisaille, are wonderfully detailed, patterned and angular, with much to look at with delight." - Kirkus Reviews

"Wow. Wow. Wow. This is quite the mesmerizing and impressive picture book. I’ll be hard-pressed to find an upcoming ?7 picture book title whose illustrations please me as much as Suzy Lee’s do...I can’t recommend The Zoo enough. For school libraries. For public libraries. For elementary-aged children. For high schoolers (show them this book as a fine, fine example of how art and text merge to tell a story - in this case, actually, how the art predominantly tells the story in a grand defiance of what the text says), for one-hundred-and-five-year olds, and ?most importantly ?as a treat for yourself. " - Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

"Even without the strikingly beautiful illustrations in this book, the story would still be a winner." - Library Goddesses Picture Books

"Not only is it a visually stimulating lark but it also happens to be one of the more creative picture books you’re likely to get your hands on this coming season." - A Fuse #8 Production

"This book is so beautiful...simple, yet incredibly well defined." - For Immediate Release

"...for any child who loves animals...or any parent who has temporarily misplaced a child...All in all, it's an unexpected and rewarding adventure." - Jen Robinson's Book Page

"...the fact that there aren't a lot of words to the book makes for easy reading and opens the book up to a hundred and one creative interpretations." - Bloogs Blowing By

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 Reviews for 'The Zoo' in U.S.A.  
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